About Dark Delights

Have you ever wanted your horror comic to be at a big comic convention, but you couldn't afford the tables rates? 
Well now you don't have to. The idea behind Decapitated Dan's Dark Delicacies is to get your books into the larger convention at a fraction of the cost. When you split the table costs up between 5-10 creators the price drops down significantly.

So who is Decapitated Dan?
Decapitated Dan is a Horror Comic Journalist, who runs 3 podcasts and contributes to over 5 comic book websites. In his spare time apparently he is a graphic designer.

What shows will Decapitated Dan be attending?
This is probably the best question, because I can only offer this service to shows I can personally attend. For the first year though, I will only be offering this at Detroit Fanfare and Kokomo Con. As shows are added they will be displayed on the main page. If all goes well other possible shows will be C2E2 and Chicago Comic Con (Wizard World Chicago).

What costs are involved?
Costs are broken down as follows:
   • You pay to send me books.
   • I get 20% of sales.
   • You reimburse shipping back to you, or it can be taken out of your profit.

How will the books be displayed?
Depending on the amount of tables paid for (1 or 2), I have 2, 6-Tier table top book racks, that will be placed on the ends of the table(s). All other books will be placed in the middle of the table. I will have 1 reader/hand copy of each book on display at all times. I will keep the untouched stock under the table to be handed out when purchased.