Asylum Press

Asylum of Horrors #1 • $5.50 • Full Color, 96 pages
Giant sized first issue! The inmates at the ASYLUM bring you a new breed of horror. This anthology features 13 stories from some of the best horror writers and artists in the industry. In Black Milk by Aaron Rintoul, Earth is invaded by evil tentacled aliens. The Last Line explores a man’s bizarre train ride. Kevin Colden conjures up a satanic yarn of death. Other tales include Love or Obsession by Szymon Kudranski, The Parts by Rick Sekuloski, Madness, a Lovecraftian horror tale by Marcin Ponomarew, and Ruined Earth, an apocalyptic zombie tale by Billy George. Plenty of creep, gore and twists for fans of horror comics old and new.

Asylum of Horrors #2 • $5.50 • Full Color, 64 pages 
This anthology features Jacked In, a story by Frank Forte about a programmer who gets double crossed by a greedy girlfriend and gets his sweet revenge. Part 1 of Tim Vigil’s Survival Extinction Z, a post-apocalyptic horror tale. Part 2 of Ruined Earth, Billy George’s tale of giant worms and armageddon. In Ecce Homo by Darren Sellars and Patrick Shanahan, a race of creatures who are almost machine-like in their brutal efficiency break free from the confines of a two-dimensional world and begin a relentless assault. In Transformation by Marcin Ponomarew, a desperate man takes an injection. In The Connection, a mad doctor tries to find the source of another voice inside his head.

Billy Boy #1 • $3.50
BILLY BOY The Sick Little Fat Kid, is a journey into the insane mind of a young overweight kid and his adventures in his sick and twisted world. Done in a style of classic cartoons such as Fleischer and old Warner Brothers, BILLY BOY The Sick Little Fat Kid is done in a very cinematic and cartoony style. This issue features Slingshot Madness where Billy gets into some trouble when he and Teddy shoot up Old Mrs. Pine's house with their brand new wrist rocket. In Swamp Jitters Billy is on the runn from a giant spindly insect. And finally in Bad Charm Bill our pudgy star gets caught up in the black arts... and it doesn¹t end with a smile!

Billy Boy #2 • $3.50
Billy Boy, comics answer to the cry for more sick and twisted books, returns with a vengence. In “The Two Headed beast From Hell”, Billy stumbles upon a monster who is eating the remains of it’s latest victim. A chase ensues through the grungy back alleys of SOHO. In the frightening continuation of “ “Slingshot Mischief”, Billy must now find his way out of the “Haunted Forest”. Too bad it’s filled with hungry trolls and tentacled monstrosities. This comic is Grimm’s Fairy Tales gone horribly, horribly wrong. and it doesn¹t end with a smile!

The Bomb TPB • $16.00

This trade paperback collects issues 1-4 of Steve Mannion's The Bomb mini-series. The book has been described as Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Mad Magazine with a dash of Stan Lee thrown in for good measure. Mannion's signature brush style, beautifully rendered artwork, and witty gag writing have netted the artist a solid underground following as well as foreign and domestic licensing deals. This huge compilation features colorful characters Fearless Dawn, Brownhole Jones, and Jungle Chick and the Dinosaur. For fans of The Goon, Wally Wood and classic E.C. horror, this book is a must. Includes a 16 page color section.